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Solving barriers to trade

Do you find technical regulations too complicated?

Don't know what standards to use?
Your customers demand environmental labels?

Facing problems importing from third countries or in free movement of goods within the EU?

Our services include:

  • technical consulting on compliance issues, covering products for:
        • consumer use (e.g. electro-technical, construction products,
          furniture, toys, leisure equipment, etc.),
        • industrial use (e.g. manufacturing systems, building materials)
          and professional use (e.g. medical devices),
  • working on strategic as well as operational issues,
    ranging from creative to regulatory type of assignments,
    and tackling anything from awareness raising to design problems,
  • solving barriers to trade,
  • technical writing,
  • due diligence of overseas suppliers as necessary,
  • practicing sustainable development:
        • eco-design principles,
        • innovative features in product development,
        • energy efficiency,
        • eco-labeling schemes,
        • optimizing EPDs to increase opportunities for international trade,
        • environmental management,
  • consulting services to SMEs to enhance competitiveness, including:
        • int'l markets development,
        • QFD,
        • set-up of modern quality control techniques (SPC),
        • risk management (ISO 31000),
        • moderating innovative culture with benchmarking tools and techniques.

Technical Consulting

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