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Who We Are

Projekt K3 is a consulting and training company specialized in supporting small and middle-sized (SMEs), as well as large enterprises, in development and marketing of products and services to make them compliant to the technical requirements of target markets and customers.

How We Operate

While for businesses, compliance to technical regulations and standards is mandatory and goes without saying, their use in practice is often too complicated.

The reasons for that are numerous:

  • overcomplicated regulations,
  • cross-referencing with other regulations or standards,
  • misunderstanding of the standards' diction, or
  • simply a lack of resources within the company.

Do you find technical regulations too complicated?

Don't know what standards to use?
Your customers demand environmental labels?

Facing problems importing from third countries or in free movement of goods within the EU?

Our services include:

  • technical consulting on compliance issues, covering products for:
        • consumer use (e.g. electro-technical, construction products,
          furniture, toys, leisure equipment, etc.),
        • industrial use (e.g. manufacturing systems, building materials)
          and professional use (e.g. medical devices),
  • working on strategic as well as operational issues,
    ranging from creative to regulatory type of assignments,
    and tackling anything from awareness raising to design problems,
  • solving barriers to trade,
  • technical writing,
  • due diligence of overseas suppliers as necessary,

Technical Consulting

We provide consultancy and training services to SMEs to to enhance competitiveness and achieve sustained excellency, which includes the following:

  • development of foreign markets and the access to them
  • value chain strengthening
  • resource and supplier control
  • promotion of innovative action
  • benchmarking tools and techniques
  • use of sustainability planning and development principles
  • optimization of the environmental profile of your company or product
  • development aid projects:
        • We participate in EU and int'l Development Aid Projects in our field of operation with the private as well as public sector.
  • implementation of:
        • quality management (ISO 9001)
        • integrated management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485)
        • quality control (CPR 2011/305/EC) and its modern execution techniques (SPC)
        • risk management (ISO 31000)

Training & Coaching

Despite of all high-tech that surrounds us, the nature often reminds us how vulnerable and small we are. Limited natural resources and the prevention of environmental pollution are definitely two aspects that play an ever greater role in setting the course of the development of new products and services.

By assessing the entire life cycle of a product and using the basic principles of eco-design, you will be able to:

  • identify and reduce the product's potential environmental impact,
  • cut your costs by reducing the use of energy and raw materials, and optimizing the technological processes,
  • prepare an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and use it to build your customers' trust in the quality, performance and safety of your products,
  • comply with energy-efficiency legislative requirements for a wide array of products or apply for acquisition of voluntary environmental labels (e.g. Eco-Label)
  • calculate your carbon and water footprint,
  • compete for "green" tenders with a higher chance of success,
  • catalyze fresh ideas into environmental innovations,
  • gain a competitive edge in the eyes of your customers.


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