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Solving barriers to trade

Projekt K3 | 3C

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Compliance + Creativity + Competitiveness

Who We Are

Projekt K3 is a consulting and training company specialized in supporting small and middle-sized (SMEs), as well as large enterprises, in development and marketing of products and services to make them compliant to the technical requirements of target markets and customers.

Our mission is to present complicated technical regulations and standards to businesses in a way that is comprehensible and manageable through their own business.
We help overcome technical and administrative trade barriers.

We provide guidance in management system planning to organizations who strive to achieve business excellency and gain a competitive edge by their creative action, products and sustainability attitude.

How We Operate

While for businesses, compliance to technical regulations and standards is mandatory and goes without saying, their use in practice is often too complicated.

The reasons for that are numerous:

  • overcomplicated regulations,
  • cross-referencing with other regulations or standards,
  • misunderstanding of the standards' diction, or
  • simply a lack of resources within the company.

Since every business is unique, we do not offer general recipes or copies. Instead we:

  • operate based on the analysis of the client's true requirements and coordinated solutions,
  • operate in a project manner, in a controlled environment and within agreed time and budget limits,
  • always find time for urgent cases,
  • combine complementary knowledge of specialized experts and reputable institutions.

Our services to enterprises include:

  • specialist training (e.g. on compliance of a specific product),
  • one-off or regular technical consulting (e.g. on the use of standards while developing specific products, inquiries into product certification possibilities, etc.),
  • coaching in assuring of product compliance,
  • preparation of product technical documentation,
  • services of product control, internal audits and due diligence audits (worldwide),
  • co-operation in investment projects, R&D projects, as well as international projects and tenders.

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